Mac Question

Google isn't helping me at all.
My cat climbed all over my keyboard and changed my shortcuts.

I got back like the lightening/darkening, cascade windows, dashboard etc, but I can't figure out how to get back my volume control settings and the pause/play or skip songs buttons that control itunes without be having to go look at it.


august 16n

dear diary

matt looked at me again today

i felt my body quiver, with excitement.. and that tingly orgasmic sensation..

but also felt the sadness that comes with knowing he'll never be mine.

until i kill him.
and hide the body.

on to something new

Holiday cards

This is the third or fourth year I'm doing this so lots of you should know the drill.

Leave me your address here or message it to me if:
a) you've moved
b) you want it sent to a specific address home/school
c) you haven't given me your address before
d) you don't trust that i have kept your address
e) i'm a dick and never sent you a card even though you gave me your address

If you want a card, play it safe and give me your address. Since my hard drive crashed I'm counting on the fact that I can find my hard copy of everyone's address. A daunting task.

Enjoy contributing to my looming carpal tunnel

Edit I'm screening comments so you won't get creeped.